Each day, I like to make 2 or 3 submissions. If you like, you can use my list. Click on the correct month below and follow my submission schedule to find magazines for you. Make sure that you are not, however, simply submitting blindly. Read the magazine before submitting to it and know what the submission policy is.

I read the magazine before submitting each time. If I don't have the time to read, then I will not submit to them.

Here are some other relevant links to help you publish. If you like, you can email me ( or Facebook chat with me ( about publishing. It takes a while to learn this. = $5 a month. Most literary magazines across the world are listed here. = Free, a fantastic resource to help you find new publications
Creative Writing Opportunities = A wonderful list of places looking for new and professional writers.
International Flash Fiction Network = My favorite Facebook group

Here's the schedule. I will be building and rebuilding this all year long!