Worldwide Leaf Project

World Community Leaf Drawing Project

The World Community Leaf Drawing Project is a Pomona Valley-based program that will present an exhibition of the work of people from all over the world. The Project consists of drawings of neighborhood leaves on postcard-sized paper. People who visit the California Imagism Gallery online or in person are invited to draw a leaf from their neighborhood. These drawings will be collected and exhibited at the California Imagism Gallery in February of 2021. People all over the world are invited to draw leaves from their own neighborhoods to share online and to gather to exhibit in local centers.

This project addresses the feeling of isolation people have from their neighbors and from the larger world. While we all live in different places, we have more similarities than differences.

The leaves represent each of us, each a little different from the other, but still the same thing. When we connect we form a community. The exhibits and online gallery will be a manifestation of this worldwide community.

The materials for this project are easily obtained and inexpensive. The materials are postcard-sized paper (around 4.5” x 6”) and any type of mark-making material the artist would like to use. The artists can recycle paper and use any medium that inspires them. Please include your name, where you live, and the type of leaf drawn, if you know it.

Please email Ann at for the address to mail your drawings.

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