Saturday, March 14, 2020

Beginning of the prompts -- Small Imagistic Poem


  1. In this most gray and lifeless sky
    Filled with chills and winter winds
    A tiny hole has pierced the dome
    Letting in the blue

    Amonst the stirring storm
    Woven with thunderous threads
    And stitched with electric needles
    Glimpses of spring play peek-a-boo
    In the dense and heavy hues

    Behind the dull facade
    Of swirling winter's rage
    A renewal of promise and hope
    The earth shall be anew

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  3. fragile leaves
    paint sidewalk
    after rain

  4. Ive grown up with
    all kinds of loved ones,
    neighbors, friends, cousins and. acquantances~~ brothers,sisters



    life - live

    let live



    ♡ for

    people <3

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  6. this bird
    following me
    up the road—

    a flick of the tail
    and a long whistle
    at each new perch

  7. Retirees stoop with forked knives
    attack those dandelions before the gray seedheads explode
    my sweetheart's grandmother from Texas
    sent the boys out to the lawn
    to bring in the treasured greens for dinner
    I made dandelion wine once
    from a meadow's worth of yellow in a Canada spring
    My granddaughter exults while her hurricane breath
    sends every bit of fluff on a journey

  8. Blight
    That’s what they called it
    Neighbors walked by
    and told the City
    They tattled on the weeds
    Tattled on the home with the unfenced yard
    The home not hiding anything
    Not pretending to be better than it was

    This home was Doris and Francis’s
    Built for them
    and the birds looking for respite
    Rest was given and found in the two-tiered concrete birdbath,
    carefully moved from the hillsides of Diablo
    The plants with their once-green leaves were put into the earth purposefully,
    Planted for the future.

    The letter said to get rid of it all
    The tall golden stalks
    The broken stems
    The dusty blossoms and downy pods,
    Dried and waiting to disperse
    in the gusts that make people wince
    Blowing away to settle
    and grow.

    Pull them up,
    take them out
    or risk a fine.
    Placate the neighbors
    Increase the value
    Don’t forget about curb appeal.

  9. “The Cabin”

    Hemlines long, then shorter
    Sunglasses and tennis whites
    Bicycle bell swimsuits
    Ice-cream social and the covered bridge
    Kids in picture frames.

    It wasn’t like that when you brought me here. Those kids drive sedans and are thinking about retirement now. They wave when we walk by, so we wave back. We are tourists for the weekend, trying to keep each other warm with cold beer and incandescent light. A color. A sweetness. A season.

    Floorboards bowed and rotten
    Everything from then to now
    But out of order.
    Spiders came and went with winter
    And the river took the rest.