Monday, March 16, 2020

That Which Lives inside Your Home


  1. Luna cat doesn’t care
    laying lazy on his box
    eye peeking out as I pass

  2. what lives
    at our house--

    the guitars
    under his fingers

    the flutes
    under my breath

  3. “A Creative Life”

    Wife and two daughters, even the cat is a girl
    They make things in their rooms, in the yard, in the kitchen
    They make each other laugh and
    Make decisions that don’t seem all that important at the time, but
    You never know.

    One of them made the other two, and that still amazes me.

    Not the cat.
    She just seems lonely, even with everything that’s going on.

  4. Now that we are more inside than out,
    and more tense and more intense,
    our voices get louder
    especially over the crossword, and politics.
    the black dog Luke doesn't like it
    he plants his bony butt on my feet
    and stares below the table at Ross.
    Why me?

  5. The Cricket Sings

    In March, when rain falls after sunset,
    she opens, just a crack, the window in the room behind us.
    It’s wood floors amplify the vibrant sound of raindrops falling,
    bringing our garden hope and a good soak.

    Then from the firewood stacked upon the hearth,
    a cricket crawls out from the bark
    and sings about the coming spring.
    And there it is, the sound of life in harmony.