Thursday, March 26, 2020

Memory of Fruit


  1. at 12 by our new home
    in La Verne the
    orange grove
    became a refuge
    a place to wander

    escape from reality
    traverse the
    pluck an orange
    litter the peels as I walk

  2. This arbor ladder
    Stairway to a girlhood bond
    That went bananas

  3. “Kentucky Mangos”

    My grandmother grew mangos out back, by the kitchen.

    She sliced on sandwiches with tomato and mayonnaise.

    Grandpa liked them roasted, thin rubbery skins charred and blistered.

    I liked them sweet and red, still warm from the sun.

    I don’t know how old I was when I learned that these were not mangos the way the rest of the world knows mangos, but bell peppers.

    It was also the day I came to understand that the south really is a different kind of place.