Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Places Where Only You Belong


  1. buying our first house
    Michelle insisted we
    have a third bedroom

    my work desk has
    always been in the
    living room along with
    all my clutter

    now I have my own office
    where only my cat
    comes in uninvited

  2. In the basement at sixtythird Street, I sat on that old red couch.
    With guitar in my lap, I sang song after song.
    Tears flowed in rhythm staining the wood.
    "Lark" came along, and solitude became four .
    Our brief college Camelot.

  3. Upstairs squatting
    in abandoned shelter
    Peeking through the
    boards looking out
    for unwanted visitors
    Then a young man wandering
    peered through his own set
    of slats across away in the
    distance, eyes looking and
    meeting as each of us spy
    Afraid of danger of strange
    encounter catching the other
    peeking through the slats
    Only to ignore the visitor
    and go back to reading the
    thick book until the sun
    set ruining the sanctuary
    as darkness peered through
    making the day end

  4. I have my own room, it is mine.
    I have my own bed, it is mine.
    I have a small cassette player with headphones, blue foam covers, not a real Walkman, but it is mine.
    I have my tapes, and I have time.