Friday, March 27, 2020

First Day of Spring


  1. this year spring
    celebrates my birthday
    shared with Mom

    the hedges are
    begging me for a trim
    this spring

    here spring
    starts February 1st
    1 day after Fall ends

  2. Spring=Easter
    green grass
    blades peaking through the snow,
    struggling not to melt

    The grass is winning~~

  3. First day of spring

    We walked the dogs early
    rain puddles and new scents along the road
    mud on the boots, slippery slopes on the hillside.
    A cold wind cut through my jacket
    reminding me of warm gloves I left at home.
    The dogs rolled in wet grass
    nibbling new sprouts of greenery
    doing what dogs do best
    running untethered, chasing rabbits
    ignoring social distancing
    and our shouts to “come.”
    It was the first day of spring
    much like the last day of winter
    when the sun forgets to shine
    but we do not.

    Rick Stepp-Bolling

  4. “First Day of Spring”

    Like any other day until someone tells me otherwise
    Knowing, I am happy for what it means but
    Wonder if I would have figured it out
    From the color of the sky.

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