Wednesday, July 22, 2020

New Prompt

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  1. No more do I remember how to breathe.
    These lungs inhaled a world of stress and fear.
    I gasp, I choke, I cough, I wheeze, I tear.
    I’m torn inside with rage and hurt. I seethe.

    Facade of smiles that masks me as I grieve.
    You’ve shielded me from those who will not hear
    About the pain their actions make me bear—
    You’ve gagged my voice in order to deceive.

    I long to feel my lungs expand with ease
    And speak my truth, express my heart aloud,
    To share my soul in song with not a care.

    I struggle to get past this world’s disease
    That parcels breath and voice just for the proud.
    I do recall one owns the air.