Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Bird's Eye View


  1. woodpecker pecking away
    the neighbor’s tree
    I can’t see you

    you see me
    as I stare and squint
    you stop to look at me

  2. From above, I hope you can see I've gone my own way.
    Been skipping continents,
    As in the days after you were found, I now seem to be house bound.
    But the caged heart can't be contained, as you gleaned from Maya Angelou.
    Memory's feet cannot be tied.
    Their own future, they must find.

  3. Like from the window of a plane
    The flying was fun
    Seeming to soar into the heavens
    Only to crash into the waters below
    I see my father in worry
    Telling me to fly low
    I could not heed and soared
    Higher than the clouds
    Only to melt my wings
    As feathers fell
    I came down to reality

  4. Turkey Vulture

    The smell of death
    Wafts upward
    And even in these thermals
    The pleasure of a meal
    Surpasses the giddy flights
    Of soaring to the sun

    Rick Stepp-Bolling

  5. “Birds Eye View”

    Birds don’t mind what bothers me
    I guess we look at different things
    I see a mess and still she sings