Saturday, April 4, 2020

View from Your Front Door


  1. Below
    Three horses roam their pasture
    Luna, alpha beauty,
    From Tehachapi
    Feral, untamed
    Wild as October wind
    Now gentled
    And loves her ears scratched.
    Gypsy, rescued from Canada,
    Once tethered in a stall
    Kept pregnant
    Her urine used for prednisone
    Tall, gentle giant
    With an appetite for anything edible.
    Sage, a BLM mustang,
    Branded so she’d never be sold for meat
    Found her forever home
    And plans to never leave.
    Three mares
    Rescued, content
    Now enjoying Ramona’s fresh air.

    Rick Stepp-Bolling

  2. dog walkers
    ten feet from the door
    hi neighbor

  3. Outside the front door

    Jasmine clawing its way up the awning
    Lattice showing the way in the twists
    And turns, edging the top of a lemon tree
    Producing fruit the size of softballs
    Only to be stuck with the spines protruding
    from its branches as I think of cleaning the
    branches and trimming jasmine with the milky
    juices oozing from the stems sticking to my
    fingers and staining my shirt
    Reminds me of the hummingbird I once
    visited with the hose running from
    the mouth as my thumb squirted a stream
    of water making a fountain for the bird
    to bathe on its chest as the wings
    dodged in and out of the shower

    1. Love the image of the hummingbird flying through the water spray!

  4. Neighbors come and go~~
    Decades are the goal posts
    But the
    Crows remain

    1. But the crows remain . . . great line!

    2. Thanks, Rick. This mobile home Park used to be a walnut Grove. I am sure the crows have hovered a long time. If only they could tell tails.
      I often think they're talking about Goins on here.

  5. When we moved here I could reach up and touch the lowest branches of this tree.
    It was on the other side of the fence then, but the fence rotted and we rebuilt it closer to the street
    Giving us a tree.