Sunday, April 19, 2020

Neighborhood Animals


  1. The crows,
    They just wish I would leave ~~~~

  2. nobody's cats
    wander the neighborhood
    fed by all their owners

  3. In Through Your window

    In through your window
    never wanting to stay
    All she could do was fly on
    through as she flew away
    I opened, to take off the screen
    I tried to intervene
    The bird knew to go on through
    and went into the sheen
    Free as a bird the screen out of place
    She was lured in but knew she would face
    The innuendo as she flew in
    Only to go out the way
    She came in
    As she was akin to go away
    The bird was heard
    Never to stay

  4. There are cats and dogs in the neighborhood but they belong to other people
    So I don’t really know them the way I know my yard.
    This is where songbirds flash into place
    Each with a signature sound
    Then vanish to return
    Then vanish to return.

    The squirrels linger longer but trust me somehow less
    And the hawks, aloof, rise above.