Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Strange Movement


  1. Strange Movement

    I pumped
    Three times. The manual specifically said three times.
    I pulled
    Three times. The manual specially said no more than three times.
    A whir.
    Not longer than a whisper. The manual didn’t mention whirring.
    Another whir.
    More like a cough. There were other guidelines for coughing, washing, covering, isolating
    But not whirring.
    A third pull
    The cord jammed but did not whir, cough, sneeze or release.
    The weeds would live another day.

    Rick Stepp-Bolling

  2. The segue? How does it work?
    They say it is from a turning
    gyroscope, but what makes it
    move, kinetic energy? A tech
    feat, that only engineers could
    make move under your feet.
    I have never tried to ride one
    and probably never will, kind of
    like flying a hang glider. Would
    want to but then again I might be
    killed. Like jumping from an airplane
    or riding a horse, where something seems
    safe but it is a risk, of course.

  3. There is no quicker way to feel awkward and small than to move a ladder.
    It is a sensation that half remains once you set the lean and start to climb
    All knees and elbows and just enough fear
    But now above the rest, a giant, with gutters waiting.

  4. walk along the sidewalk
    unaware of people
    passing by

    touch each line
    flowing along in
    a free dream state