Sunday, April 12, 2020

Hey, Taste This!


  1. Home Made Whole Wheat
    Cold Pale Ale
    Yellow Curry
    Peanut Butter

  2. Last night I made a soup from the odds and ends I had in the pantry and fridge-- one of the last, precious onions, chicken sausage,a garlic clove,the cocktail tomatoes I bought at the farmer's market two weeks ago, and peeled and diced potatoes, plus a bag of shredded kale and vegetable broth. After an hour on simmer, the whole house smelled warm and welcoming. The soup tasted pretty great too with leftover homemade garlic naan from the freezer for R and matzo for me.

  3. Not a piece was wasted
    as I tasted the rib eye
    A symphony of flavor with
    salt and pepper savored

    As the cherry tomato pops
    in your mouth, with it's
    sharp acidic crunch of
    sweetness all its own

    Makes the taste buds dance
    and sing to the beat of the
    unknown sung only by angels
    in the heavens

    The salad, a vibrant green
    The dressing,roquefort with
    cheese to please the dream
    My compliments to the chef
    and the only thing left to
    serve is the cheesecake
    for the sake of dessert

  4. pasta on the plate
    sauce baked in - sprinkle cheese
    wait for approving look