Sunday, April 26, 2020

Six Days of Poems about Plants


  1. Poison Oak

    Leaves of three, let it be
    scourge of hikers, golfers with exposed knees
    Lush or stemmed or ashed
    Transforms my legs, arms, body into a rash.
    Dared to be aligned with oak
    Nastiest of weeds in an evil cloak
    an itch, a burn, a constant scream
    No calamine can ease this demon green.
    And yet
    Indigenous tribes used its leaves
    created poultices from its angry seeds
    For rattlesnake bites or dysentery
    A more forgiving apothecary.

    Rick Stepp-Bolling

  2. The dunes,

    for a child an endless playground.

    For plants and animals, an eternal blanket of existence.

    Sanddune sedge~~

    carex pansa

    calflora <3

  3. Drive through places
    Scrub oak and stone
    Hewn close to dry land and casting islands of shadow
    Dark pools in hills of golden grass.

    Leaves like ears shriveled by wind and not enough conversation
    But you’ll never once hear them complain
    No matter how
    Heat blistered

  4. we love our oak
    here is my desert home
    shade to the coyote