Monday, April 13, 2020

What's Touching Me?


  1. Touching

    Covid-19 pandemic
    A plague upon all our houses
    But mostly poor, black, brown
    Taking the brunt of this epic tragedy
    While still working
    While still uninsured
    While still in crowded neighborhoods
    Hoods packed with poverty
    Disease and neglect.
    And we
    The whiteness of America
    Don’t give a damn
    Because it isn’t me.

    Rick Stepp-Bolling

  2. Lights out back sleeper tries with eyes closed
    To breathe and not listen
    To his thoughts or heart beating.

    Instead, feel the clean of sheets still cool
    And the soft of a blanket fresh for spring temperatures,
    Winter things away.

    Then the quiet push of paws through these new layers
    To find her place curled up on my breathing.
    Warmer now and weighted until one of us has to move.

  3. Bonus unprompted poem that came to me when I woke up:

    Sleep comes so slowly that I worry it won’t come at all
    And worry brings sleep slower still.

    Still I wake up having slept and dreamed
    Ridiculous things that only sleep can bring.

  4. surprise touch
    I slink away yet
    I love you though