Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Movement in the Trees


  1. Safe at Home

    Amongst the traffic, an angry voice. Muted by the window up.
    I crack the window, a louder "HEY!"

    On my way back from the bank branch off the tree trunk of Garey Avenue.
    My head turns toward the drama.

    Strike one, against the sidewalk the familiar ping of aluminum.

    Then, crack~pop~shatter at once: strike two against the car window over there.

    That's a home run for me where I dial Nine one one!

    "What's your name, mam?"
    H a c k m a n, like the actor, but he's not my uncle.

  2. Movement in a tree

    I thought to trim the tree
    Not even knowing what kind of tree it was
    Not noticing red buds dangled
    Among the green leaves
    Like trumpets or earrings
    And when the wind blew
    In late afternoon
    Not hearing a small symphony
    Accompanied by whirring wings
    Of a ruby-throated hummingbird
    Playing among the orchestra’s brass.

    Rick Stepp-Bolling

  3. I love the musical aspect. I can relate. Great, Esteppbo.

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  5. The ornamental plum died last year.
    No purple leaves pulled by spring breezes
    No white blossom snow to fall.

    What remained was too brittle
    Too ready for ants

    So I laid it down gently
    It moved like a man
    Stiff and slowly
    To pieces.

  6. leaves sway
    foretelling of coming
    allergy eyes