Saturday, April 25, 2020

Six Days of Poems about Plants


  1. Non-Native Plants

    June mountains ablaze in yellow
    wild mustard running wild on every slope.
    A gift, as legend has it,
    from California’s missionaries
    marking trails from San Diego to San Francisco
    until their route blurred into a riot of mustard
    greedy plants absorbing every raindrop
    every touch of moisture
    denying others a chance to drink . . . to grow.
    August with its alchemic heat
    turns gold to brown
    kindle for October winds
    when wildfires paint our hills in a blaze of red
    and reseed the mustard
    in a bed of ashes.

    Rick Stepp-Bolling

  2. The Venus Fly Trap

    A carnivore
    she's a meat eater

    the innocent fly
    draws near the nectar

    With a flick of the leg
    on a spine in the base

    The flower closes
    in an instant

    quicker than the fly?
    how fast she moves

  3. I have lived in this place for half of my life now
    Not yet a long life, but decades
    Not days
    Long enough to take things for granted
    To see something without looking
    And know if it fits.

    When there is something out of place I am jarred back to awareness
    Sharp and urgent
    By the palm tree
    In a Sacramento suburb.

  4. here in my home
    this lush forest of green
    from lovely desert