Thursday, April 9, 2020

Dog/Cat's Eye View


  1. Dog’s Eye View

    My nails clicked on the wood floor
    when I entered his room.
    He sat in his favorite chair
    the silver box in his lap
    his fingers stabbing here and there.
    It was time
    I was sure of it.
    I yawned loudly
    hoping to draw his attention
    away from the box.
    He looked at me
    shook his head
    and continued tap, tap, tapping.
    I stretched out on the rug by his feet
    my body shaking with disappointment
    my whine soft but persistent.
    He sighed
    closed the lid to his box
    and motioned for me.
    I ran to the door
    placing myself closest
    to where he would need to go.
    “Come on, girl.
    Time to feed the horses.”

    Rick Stepp-Bolling

  2. I love the opening line " nails clicked. .." that along with line 13, tap tapping .. Really enjoyed Dog's Eye View.

  3. ^ ^
    o Milk Dud

    u u
    o Tazzy-roo

    MD "I love my cave"
    TR "I love you"
    MD "Don't get too close "
    TR "I want to be your mom"
    MD "Love when your face snake washes my ear"
    TR "I'm glad you're in my life, I hold you so dear"
    MD "Get away " purr purr purr

  4. “19 Year Old House Cat”

    I prefer the soft places
    My nest on the bed
    Or the back of the couch
    The crook between his knees when he sleeps.

  5. Up on the cat walk
    I take a nap all day
    Up high out of the way

    I can see you from here
    It is comfortable
    to be so high up

    Where I have my private perch
    To be a predator to catch
    The prey below

    1. I like how the cat poems show them sleeping—so accurate.

  6. peek from his perch
    this week on top
    the bookshelf

    puss sees me
    plop on the couch
    pondering visiting me