Friday, April 17, 2020

People Walking Outside


  1. Sens-less Mind-fullness

    Barking, knowing she's there
    Dressed in scant, never with
    Sometimes in pajamas
    Always bra-less
    Friendly though
    Hushing her furry friend
    Not to seem too rude
    waking up the neighbors
    so early in the morn

    She says hello, with a wave and
    a smile, only when she is out of
    her trailer

    Never would you know, by the arguments
    with the man inside, she has a
    mouth of a sailor
    Like his own
    behavior as a drunk,
    calling her obscene names
    as she returns the favor

    Getting out with her little friend
    and taking a stroll around the park
    stopping to talk to the loud mouth
    woman down the block

    No respect for the sleeping hearts
    no mindfulness for a soft tone for
    those hearing and listening wanting
    just a silent walk without her yelling
    at her little dog to shut up!

    This early hour of the day break
    waiting for her to return from the
    barking departure in the neighborhood
    wakefulness , to have it start all over
    again on the loop around the mobile homes

  2. People Walking

    A man
    Old, like me,
    Limps along the gravel road
    Pacing himself to the pain
    In his knees
    Bracing himself against the cold
    With mittens
    And layers of pendletons.
    Trailing him
    Two mastiffs, Lightning and Achew,
    Their tales in constant motion
    Lumber like sumo guardians.
    Every morning he walks his dogs
    Before the suncrest
    Before the light hints of anything
    Other than vague shapes
    Even though each step
    Reminds him
    He is closer to the darkness
    Than the light.


  3. “Now That I am Home”
    Four neighbors, all women, walk their dogs and it occurs to me,
    The older the neighbor, the smaller the dog.

    There is a pear shaped man in a hat who walks to the store
    Twice every day. He waves.

    My kids used to be friends with the boy at the end of the block.
    His mom walks past our house to catch a bus.

    The young mom across the street walks her twins, holding hands,
    And I can finally understand what they are saying.

  4. People walking outside
    I have a problem with it.
    I can't hear anything, that day
    There wasn't a warning
    It wasn't fair.
    My fair lady friend.
    Not a willow, nor a wisp.

  5. parade of neighbors
    families alone together
    behind their masks