Thursday, April 23, 2020

Six Days of Poems about Plants


  1. Weeds

    Its appetite voracious
    Eating up all available space
    Extending its empire
    Through rock and soil
    Pushing lesser greenery aside
    A bully weed
    Its bite the perfect foil
    For bare-hand pluckers
    Stinging Nettle.
    My arms still tingle at the name
    Nature’s surprise
    A momentary cure
    A brief respite
    For knee’s arthritic pain.

    Rick Stepp-Bolling

  2. Weeds

    Choking off
    the harvest

    Pinching as
    low as you
    can go

    Or you will let that
    stubborn one grow again

    And try to pull the next
    one of those pesky weeds

  3. In spite of my efforts
    To pull you up by the root
    There is a part of me that is relieved when I see you spring back
    Nature endures and
    Green is green.

  4. tiny yellow flowers
    scattered across my
    unmown lawn

  5. A seed was planted seventy-four years ago.

    The little white house of horrors, in Queens.

    Now, there is a big Whitehouse of horrors, with the king of Queens.

    Nobody could have seen this coming, except the writer's of an animated satirical tv series.

    I also love South Park .