Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Things You Wish You Still Had


  1. I found a box of old cassettes
    With songs selected and specially ordered,
    Collected, recorded

    Hand drawn artwork
    Hand written labels
    Each one a key to the time machine I no longer own.

  2. Things You Wish You Still Had

    Old Spice and the smell of cigarettes
    lingered in the kitchen
    whenever he left for work.
    He dabbled with painting
    wrote the beginning of a novel
    coached my Little League team
    and taught me how to hit a golf ball
    although skill and athleticism eluded him.
    When he built our patio
    I handed him the hammer, nails, and scotch
    but he forgot to show me the how.
    He founded the gifted program in Glendora
    headed the Elementary Education Department
    at Cal State Los Angeles
    and became Dean of the College
    but he struggled to teach his children
    the meaning of “Till Death Do Us Part.”
    Renaissance man, father, friend
    a gentle soul
    magnificently flawed
    I wish I had him in my life again.

    Rick Stepp-Bolling

  3. things you wish you still had

    wish I had an attitude change
    from would of
    could of, should of.
    Seems kind of strange
    When the song was what I
    understood of as a place to
    really go from the start
    like a dart
    hitting the bullseye
    to the heart with the art
    Of an adult now
    With a result how
    it was expected of
    me then, like I should
    have not done what I
    did when I could have
    been a doctor or lawyer
    apart from where I am now
    a drop out of sort a kid
    from the skids somehow

    But then, I am creative
    a liberal and more sane
    than where I came from
    an individual casting blame

    now I am a person certain with good
    rapport, better than a person like a
    would of, could of kind of sort

    1. I love how much you revealed about the narrator. Very moving, and relatable.

  4. I need that home town, don't know why.
    I need that smelly old place to die,

  5. time, lost to the moment
    where did I put the time
    I wish it would return to me