Friday, April 24, 2020

Six Days of Poems about Plants


  1. persistent grass
    strolling across lines
    on my walk

  2. Not yet through but under
    You pushed while I looked the other way.
    So I tripped on the crack you made
    In my driveway
    Slab buckled and broken by roots,
    Water, and time.

  3. Plants Cracking Through

    We poured concrete over fist-sized rocks:
    our new path to the dog run
    beside a small waterfall.
    Grass has grown through the concrete
    germinated by erosion
    and dirt from six dogs.
    Our artificial lawn
    more like a putting green
    now sports blades of dandelions
    poking through thick turf.
    I thought about what I wanted to write
    my brain, stone dead
    but the thought, the idea germinated
    and a poem erupted into being.

    Rick Stepp-Bolling

  4. A Tree

    From the aftermath
    and destruction

    of the bomb

    grew sprigs from a tree