Thursday, April 16, 2020



  1. Earthquake

    He watched his wine jump in his goblet
    Unread books opened themselves invitingly on the floor
    Another crack appeared above his doorframe
    Southern California, he sighed
    And poured himself another glass.

    Rick Stepp-Bolling

  2. The Big One

    All in one moment
    The world ends
    the shaking stops
    and you survive
    another precursor
    The big one

  3. “My Loma Prieta”

    My memory of the earthquake is not my own
    But one shared so often I’m sure I was there.

    I got off the bus and walked, for some reason, right down the middle of the street
    Just in time and in the right place to watch the world ripple then roll in perfect symmetry.
    Every house had a chimney and every chimney fell, so I looked above them to the sky
    Because that is where I believed the end of the world started
    And this
    Was surely
    The end.

    Or not there exactly but wishing I could have been, should have been
    There to reassure this woman I wouldn’t meet for another seven years,
    That it all seemed okay from a thousand miles away
    Watching baseball and wondering if she knew about tornadoes.

    1. Nice! Someone's earthquake is another person's tornado or hurricane.

  4. dog barks first
    I look out the window
    see the shades shake

  5. It lasts for less than a minute.


    The snow globe of adrenaline is suspended in latent anticipation.

    Each fake flake is a story that educates ~~~~~

    Move the hell away ..