Thursday, April 2, 2020

Your Feet


  1. Broken, blistered, mallet, bruised
    Black or missing nails
    Every mile run,
    Even in the perfect shoes,
    Leaves a reminder, but I never mind.

  2. Feet

    You danced on my feet
    Your arms reaching my waist
    Your blonde hair covering your eyes
    A cockatiel on my shoulder.
    The music, I sang
    And we waltzed around the room
    With and audience of stuffed animals
    And barking dogs.

    Rick Stepp-Bolling

  3. To be fleet of foot,
    told to stay in one place,
    these are the days of our lives~~
    Virtual running will have to do~~
    My mind is so breathless, it flies~~

  4. being old
    feet are never bare
    but when I shower

  5. I am training for my 2nd now because what else is there to do?

  6. My Feet
    are sea slugs, pink cuttlefish jetting
    across the floor. Pink-tipped toes
    top each tentacle, half-moon nails.
    One toe stands stout and round,
    the other, scrawny, curls like the pale,
    segmented larva in a Jumping Bean.
    Two toes on my right foot, caught
    once on a drawer, arch up at an
    awkward angle, their backs angry
    red, like a spider’s fangs, just before
    it bites the fly tangled in its web.