Saturday, April 11, 2020

What's that Sound?


  1. Penny

    Her sleeping sounds
    Deep, sonorous snores
    As though sawing oak limbs
    With dull blades.
    Food arrives
    Her bucket clinks against
    The metal pole
    And like an April bear
    She grunts, then lumbers
    Leaving behind
    Her piglet dreams.

    Rick Stepp-Bolling

  2. What's That Sound

    Test or don't test
    Quarantine or not
    Stay at home order
    Rebound resurgence
    or a relapse of the
    Corona virus
    and staying home
    is a part of our
    daily lives
    Mask wearing required
    as a stop to the spread
    Stay six feet apart
    A new normal
    When the nation is on hold
    The world is also affected
    And lives are told
    we will be fine and fined
    if we don't comply to order
    We are closed to business
    Except drive through and
    take out as a stimulus
    check is available to
    have the economy jump
    start again but if we
    don't get tested as
    the country opens up
    we won't be flattening
    the curve as the shut down
    won't work going back to
    square one. I hear this sound
    in my head as I watch the news
    instead of a simple haiku

    Crows loudly sound out
    As politics on T.V.
    drowning out the

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  4. My morning sounds like Amy
    She’s always first one up
    I awake to coffee sips and keyboard clicks and slippers in the kitchen.

    Our hens coo and chuckle
    While a jay bird scolds someone from the roof
    Hawks and kites chip away at the sky
    Wrens, the yard.

    I don’t know my neighbor’s name but I know her son’s cry
    And I know when the mail arrives.
    The engine and the urgency is
    Not the neighbor’s, or mine.

    Inside corner sewing machine and top hits from the seventies
    And best of all, two daughters laugh.
    It gets me every time.

  5. another siren
    this one comes close
    the neighbor

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